Hanaa Malallah
One of Iraqs leading contemporary female artist. A key member of the 'Eighties Generation' Hanaa Malallah's work emanates from her experience of 35 years of life and work in war-torn Iraq.
Contemporary of Dia Al-Azzawi.
Student of Shaker Hassan Al Said

Hanaa Mal-Allah
Hanaa' Malallah
Hana Mal Allah
Henaa Mal'Allah


This Green Is Not Green
Letters between Shakir Hassan Al Sa'id and Hanaa Malallah
200 pages
200 x 150 mm

This book contains twelve letters written by the artist Shakir Hassan Al Sa'id between Feburary and November 1996, and eleven replies written by the artist Hanaa Malallah many years later, between 2004 and 2020. The letters contain a reflection on the practice of art that draws deeply on mystical theology, existential philosophy, semiotics and the art of ancient Mesopotamia. They are also, however, a rare document in the cultural history of the Middle East: not only do the letters record a dialogue in which the artists speak privately about their practice, but they also disclose the inner struggles out of which their work emerges.